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The magical island of Ibiza

It has a size of 570 km2 and is breathtaking in it’s beauty. Many myths lay on the history of the third largest Balearic island, which was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage 1999. It was the hippies who settled here in the 60’s who brought fame to Ibiza. From the 70’s the success story of tourism in Ibiza began.

Wild Party’s, a free way of life, prominent guests from all over the world, the most beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets were the perfect mix for a place of embodied life itself. Ibiza is definitely a destination on the rise and has become one of the most luxurious hotspots in Europe. The past years have shown once again that Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the international jet set. Hotel statistics and airport figures underline that. Ibiza remains true to itself and focuses on trends without putting its traditional values aside. The overall attraction to this unique island will continue to attract visitors and residents from around the world.

Whatever your wishes, you will be enchanted.

The cold winter in Central European climates is the reason why winter in Ibiza and Formentera is becoming more popular. Being close to North Africa, the winters in Ibiza are very mild and sunny. With more than 300 sunny days a year, the island is interesting for those who want to escape the dull days in northern and central Europe. Temperatures remain mild all year round and even in the winter months they sink rarely below 15 degrees. Ibiza is particularly attractive for those seeking peace in the months from November to April.

There are also quiet spots on the island and magical places like the small island of Es Vedra which lies approx. 400 m from the west coast. The hearts of individualists will be aroused by it’s beauty and the spiritualists searching for meaning will be overwhelmed by the breathing space they will encounter.

A note on the mythology of Ibiza

A Persian geographer from the 13th century once praised Ibiza and Formentera due to “their healthy soil, free from poisonous animals, corruption or rot”. On the other hand, poisonous mushrooms or herbs that cause stomach pains seem to be growing on Pityusen amidst a fragrant vegetation consisting of pine, rosemary, fennel, lemon mint, sage, figs, pomegranates and oranges. There are no earthquakes, droughts, volcanoes or heavy snowfalls.

Another myth says: “Ibiza is the last refuge of the earth”. This was supposedly one of the visions Nostradamus who predicted that the special winds that blow on the island would keep contaminated gases away and by doing so would preserve the island from extinction. Whatever, many agree that Ibiza is a safe refuge, possibly even similar to paradise. (This is confirmed by every resident on this jewel of an island).

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